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Bridging the Gap celebrates a workshop to mainstream disability in Paraguay

The ministry od SENADIS speaking during the workshop

In order to present the social and legal context in which the rights of persons with disabilities should be mainstreamed, Bridging the Gap celebrated on 2 and 3 July, in Asunción, Paraguay, the workshop ‘Guidelines for inclusive cooperation’, organised in collaboration with the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) and the European Unión delegation in Paraguay.

The workshop was attended by 34 participants from 18 entities, including international cooperation agencies and other local and international civil society networks working on development and human rights. It also included technicians and experts from the Government, Organisations of Persons with Disabilities and disability advocates.

The meeting tackled the current situation of persons with disabilities in Paraguay, the legal framework, the institutions working on disability within the country, as well as the international commitments of human rights assumed by Paraguay in relation to the disability.

During two days, participants could also identify specific examples of plans, programs and projects in which persons with disabilities can be included and thereby mainstream the disability approach.

Likewise, the basic guidelines of the work of the International Cooperation Agencies related to the rights of Persons with Disabilities in the country were identified. This process was highlighted as “very positive” by the organisers since it allows the cooperation agencies know the interest and possibilities of their analogous to incorporate this perspective into their cooperation projects.

This meeting is the first of three activities planned within the framework of Bridging the Gap. Its final outcome is oriented towards the preparation of guidelines for the mainstreaming of the disability perspective development projects