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Bridging the gap debates in Vienna the different approaches to inclusive development and the commitment to the CRPD implementation

Federico Martire introducing BtG to the workshop's attendants

In the framework of Bridging the Gap II (BtG-II) Knowledge Management Strategy (Third Pillar: Learning Spaces to LEARN and TRAIN), last May 15th the workshop titled “Social protection of persons with disabilities in development cooperation” took place in Vienna.

The session aimed at sharing information about the project activities in Ethiopia with the Austrian cooperation stakeholders and any other interested actor of the international development cooperation. During the session the Panellists discussed about the importance of adequate standard of living and social protection of persons with disabilities in line with the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) which declines, under article 28, the obligations of the State parties.

Different initiatives and approaches were presented and discussed, inspiring an open forum for contributions to the discussion and knowledge sharing, bringing multiple – yet potentially overlapping – perspectives on the same issues or topics.


Please find here the document summarising the main content of the workshop

Collection of pictures of the workshop “Social protection of persons with disabilities in development cooperation”

Workshop’s presentations available to download: