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Bridging the Gap launches the Webinar-based Training Cycle 2018-2019

Bridging the Gap launches the Webinar-based Training Cycle 2018-2019

Bridging the Gap launches a webinar-based training cycle to foster a culture of disability mainstreaming in development and to define a homogeneous approach to the project crosscutting topics.

The first webinar focuses on understanding the CRPD and analysing its principles and structure will take place on 26 March 2018.

Following the first session, the Learning Spaces will develop and estimated eleven webinars tentatively focused on:

  • The SDGs and their references to disability
  • Disability-inclusive development
  • Inclusive and accessible project cycle management
  • Inclusive and accessible communication
  • Legislating for Disability Rights
  • Inclusive education
  • Universal access to employment
  • Access to Health
  • Advocacy programmes at local level
  • Women and disability
  • Livelihoods

The webinars will be prepared and conducted by international experts selected by Bridging the Gap II. Experts have been/will be instructed to provide interactive, replicable and shareable. Already existing tools, documents and networks will be used.

Each webinar will be conducted in English, French and Spanish in separate sessions, as much as possible. Other languages may be added based on the availability of experts and/or material.

Target audiences

The webinar cycle is addressed to the three target groups of the project, namely:

  1. Development practitioners (for instance: agencies, EU delegations)
  2. National institutions of the partner countries
  3. National organisations of persons with disabilities

The audience may vary according to the topic object of the webinar.

Webinar duration

Each webinar lasts for one hour and a half.