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A course on methodologies and educational planning for teachers with visual impairment starts in Ecuador

screenshot of the training. A slide on educational curriculum

The online course “Methodologies and educational planning for teachers with visual impairment“, organised by the National Federation of the Blind of Ecuador (FENCE) and the Undersecretariat of Specialised and Inclusive Education of the Ministry of Education of Ecuador in the framework of Bridging the Gap project, was launched on Wednesday 17 February.

This training aims to introduce to teachers with visual impairments in Ecuador all the possibilities of inclusion offered by the Ecuadorian educational normative system, as well as to update their knowledge and learning tools for teaching practice, whether or not they have students with disabilities in their classrooms.

The course consists of 60 hours divided into 12 weekly sessions of 5 hours each, during which aspects such as the planning of didactic units, face-to-face, blended and distance teaching systems and the development of learning modules, among others, will be covered.

Over 60 teachers with some form of visual impairment who work in the public education system throughout Ecuador are attending this course. At the end of the training, participating teachers will receive a certificate issued by the Ministry of Education, valid for professional promotion processes in Ecuador.

This training, conducted by three teachers with extensive experience in the field of educational inclusion of persons with disabilities: Miryam Gallegos Navas, Ana Cristina Estrella Chamorro and Diana Alejandra Suasnavas Barrera, can be followed live on the Facebook page of FENCE every Wednesday at 8:30 Ecuadorian time / 14:30 CET.