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DEVCO staff trained on inclusive and accessible communication

Screenshot with a slide showing the contents of the training sessions

Despite the difficulties caused by COVID-19, Bridging the Gap continues its work to promote the inclusion of persons with disabilities in development cooperation. The latest activity carried out in this regard was the inclusive and accessible communication online training addressed to the European Commission’s Directorate-General for International Cooperation and Development (DG DEVCO) and EU Delegations staff, originally foreseen to be held in a traditional in-person format.

This training aimed to help staff in charge of tasks related to communication or the organisation of events to develop the necessary skills and competences for the inclusion and non-discrimination of persons with disabilities in their daily work. The training gathered 11 persons guided by the expert Paulien Bruijn and the project communication manager Carmen Serrano.

The training was distributed in four online sessions held on May 11, 14, 18 and 20, along which the different communication barriers that arise according to each disability were addressed, promoting empathy and the adoption of a variety of recommendations on the use of inclusive language, the improvement of physical and digital accessibility, as well as good practices for the organisation of inclusive meetings and events.

“The training was very interactive, with quizzes and discussion rooms that made the sessions lively and participative. We looked at many different aspects of inclusive and accessible communication and everyone felt that they had learned some key tools for being more inclusive in their work or in their everyday life”, highlighted Liane Riordan, Web editor at the Communication Unit of DG DEVCO.

In order to reinforce the knowledge acquired in this training, DEVCO’s communication unit will share on the platform DEVCO Academy the materials presented in each session so that they are available to as many people as possible. These materials include, among others, the webinar that Bridging the Gap organised on this topic and the project’s Inclusive and Accessible Communication Guidelines, which will be a reference for the work towards a more inclusive communication in DEVCO.

This training is framed within Bridging the Gap’s communication and visibility and knowledge management strategies and is part of the project’s work to mainstream disability inclusion in international cooperation, in accordance with the provisions of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) and the 2030 Agenda.