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Easy-to-read COVID-19 prevention guidelines reach Somali and Amharic-speaking Ethiopians

Delivery Easy to read MoLSA

Committed to the need to make information about COVID-19 available to as many people as possible, Bridging the Gap has translated into two Ethiopian local languages, Amharic and Somali, the easy-to-read COVID-19 Prevention Guidelines produced by the organisation Chosen Power (People First Hong Kong).

After the adaptation of these guidelines, a total of 2,500 copies have been printed and distributed among the offices of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (MoLSA) in Ethiopia so that they can be disseminated from there to all the persons who may need them.

The delivery began on 7 May at the premises of the Ministry of Social Affairs in the country’s capital, Addis Ababa, handing out 1,500 copies in Amharic. Copies were then sent to the Bureaus of Labour and Social Affairs (BOLSAs) in Amhara and Somali, with 500 copies distributed in Amharic at the Amhara office on 11 May and another 500 in Somali at the Somali office on 15 May.

This action is part of Bridging the Gap’s COVID-19 contingency plan to ensure a disability-inclusive response to the pandemic. With these guidelines Bridging the Gap aims to help persons with disabilities to understand COVID-19 better and take necessary safety measures to prevent and contain it.

Easy-to-read COVID-19 Prevention Guidelines in Amharic

Easy-to-read COVID-19 Prevention Guidelines in Somali