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List of resources to include persons with disabilities in COVID-19 response

COVID-19 representation and the motto: Leave no one behind in COVID-19 response

In these tough times we are facing, it is even more necessary to continue joining efforts to leave no behind in COVID-19 response. Bridging the Gap keeps working both at the global and country levels to ensure the inclusion of persons with disabilities in public policies to prevent and contain this pandemic.

At the country level, different actions are being coordinated in the partner countries through the implementation agencies, organisations of persons with disabilities and national public institutions. At a global level, and as part of the project’s knowledge management strategy, we are monitoring and disseminating through the different communication channels of the project the main resources of interest related to COVID-19 and disability.

Please find our updated* list of resources in relation to COVID-19 below:

You can also download an Excel table with all these resources here.

For more resources, visit EDF website (updated daily).

*Last updated on 22 April 2021.