1 in 7 people in the world are persons with disabilities. It is about fifteen per cent of the world’s population. But how is their story told? They are usually portrayed as passive persons and recipients of aid and charity. On other occasions, media depict them as superheroes having accomplished a feat which society could never expect from them. But how about showing persons with disabilities as rights holders, people who must fulfil their civic obligations, who have dreams and aspirations, work, family, social relationships... just like any other person?

Bridging the Gap photo book ‘A celebration of humanity’ aims to combat stereotypes by portraying the many facets and identities of individuals to celebrate diversity as a resource for the whole of humanity.

More than 100 persons from three beneficiaries’ countries of the project have been portrayed to cast new light on persons with disabilities. A work done by photographer Christian Tasso with the support ofthe national organisations of persons with disabilities to reach people from different contexts, visiting Quito, Esmeraldas and Riobamba in Ecuador, Addis Ababa, Bahir Dar and East and West Belessa in Ethiopia, and Asunción and Coronel Oviedo in Paraguay.

This collection of photographs has a human rights approach to "change the picture" of persons with disabilities, including personal testimonies to showcase their life stories under a realistic light. What are the main challenges they face? How is their daily life? Discover it through the pages of the photobook 'Bridging the Gap-A celebration of humanity', a photo project by Christian Tasso.




This book includes also the following accessible versions: