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Easy-to-read COVID-19 prevention guidelines reach Somali and Amharic-speaking Ethiopians

Delivery Easy to read MoLSA

Committed to the need to make information about COVID-19 available to as many people as possible, Bridging the Gap has translated into two Ethiopian local languages, Amharic and Somali, the easy-to-read COVID-19 Prevention Guidelines produced by the organisation Chosen Power (People First Hong Kong). After the adaptation of these guidelines, a total of 2,500 copies have been…

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Building disability-inclusive resilience programmes: the challenge of Bridging the Gap in Ethiopia

Ethiopian woman reads braille version of Briding the Gap's leaflet at the project launch event

Resilience building has become an increased priority for the Ethiopian government and also for development partners present in the country. Building resilience means that communities affected by drought, floods or other shocks are supported to sustain and recover from these shocks through improved livelihood opportunities, better food security, and access to services, including social protection.…

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